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A circumcision refers to a surgical process in which the foreskin covering the glans,also known as rounded tip of the penis is removed.There can be different reasons for the condition but usually it is performed for health concerns.When performed on new-borns,it minimizes the perils of developing the cancer of the penis, and also diminishes the risk of cervix cancer in sexual partners.In addition,it is also believed that it lowers the risk of urinary tract infections in case of infants, and also decreases the possibility of some kind of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically HIV.Circumcision Clinic in Faridabad provides the right treatment and surgery on the basis of the patient’s condition.

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Facts regarding circumcision

  • It should not be performed if the infant has unstable health or is sick. 
  • Babies having family history of bleeding should not be circumcised till medical investigations are done to ensure that the infant has no bleeding problem. 
  •  If performed under right circumstances then circumcision is perfect for new-born babies.
  •  It should not be performed on premature baby unless the infant is healthy enough to be discharged from hospital. 
  •  Local analgesia can be given for lowering the pain related with the procedure 
  •  The surgical procedure should be performed by experienced, trained and expert doctor.
  •  Make sure that proper care is given to the new born after the procedure.

How safe is the procedure?

  • It is important for you to know that it is a safe procedure provided it is performed under the following conditions:
  • The surgery should be performed by the experienced and trainer surgeon or medical practitioner. 
  • The procedure should be performed with great care and using strict sterile technique 
  • It is performed on a stable as well as healthy baby

If you are also considering undergoing the surgical procedure then you can get the best medical advice at the circumcision clinic in Faridabad.

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