Monday, 11 April 2016

A circumcision refers to a surgical process in which the foreskin covering the glans,also known as rounded tip of the penis is removed.There can be different reasons for the condition but usually it is performed for health concerns.When performed on new-borns,it minimizes the perils of developing the cancer of the penis, and also diminishes the risk of cervix cancer in sexual partners.In addition,it is also believed that it lowers the risk of urinary tract infections in case of infants, and also decreases the possibility of some kind of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically HIV.Circumcision Clinic in Faridabad provides the right treatment and surgery on the basis of the patient’s condition.

 Sexologist in Fridabad

Facts regarding circumcision

  • It should not be performed if the infant has unstable health or is sick. 
  • Babies having family history of bleeding should not be circumcised till medical investigations are done to ensure that the infant has no bleeding problem. 
  •  If performed under right circumstances then circumcision is perfect for new-born babies.
  •  It should not be performed on premature baby unless the infant is healthy enough to be discharged from hospital. 
  •  Local analgesia can be given for lowering the pain related with the procedure 
  •  The surgical procedure should be performed by experienced, trained and expert doctor.
  •  Make sure that proper care is given to the new born after the procedure.

How safe is the procedure?

  • It is important for you to know that it is a safe procedure provided it is performed under the following conditions:
  • The surgery should be performed by the experienced and trainer surgeon or medical practitioner. 
  • The procedure should be performed with great care and using strict sterile technique 
  • It is performed on a stable as well as healthy baby

If you are also considering undergoing the surgical procedure then you can get the best medical advice at the circumcision clinic in Faridabad.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sexologist in Delhi

Sexologist in Delhi:


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Monday, 4 April 2016

Revive your sex life with homeopathic sexual health treatment

Sexual health is as important as any other aspect of your health.Sexual wellness is that aspect of health on which not many people pay attention to.As a matter of fact,it has been observed that majority of the people do not even visit and discusses the problem until the situation becomes worse. Sometimes this can lead to more trouble a situation.Hence,consulting doctor at the right time is important for overall health.If you are suffering from any kind of sexual issues then there is no need to delay the treatment. Homeopathic Sexual Health Treatment can help you recuperate without bearing the side effects of the medicines.

 Sexologist in Delhi

In the years spanning over the last few decades, there has been a notable rise in the number of people who are suffering from the one or the other sexual problem.There is no denying the fact that discussing problems related to sexual health was considered a taboo until a few years back. However, things have changed drastically in the recent years.People are willing to discuss the problems of sexual health so that they can get the right treatment for the condition.They have realised that more the treatment is delayed, chances for complication will increase too.

Staying sexually fit is important else it might affect your relationship with the partner.Sex is a pleasure which can be enjoyed only if you are able to have lasting erection.There are several other issues which can affect your terms with the partner.If you are worried because of the issues in sex life which have paved way damaging your relationship then you can choose to undergo homeopathic treatment.

If you are looking for Homeopathic Sexual Health Treatment then you need to simply browse through the web pages and narrow down a few homeopathic doctors. Find out asmuch information as possible about the selected clinics before choosing the one. Revive your sex life by choosing homeopathic medicines.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sexual happiness is important for happy married life - Sexologist in Delhi

There are several ingredients which make for the perfect formula of successful married life.However the one which tops the list is sexual intercourse.There are many couples out there who often face issues in sex life.It is extremely important for you to understand the meaning of sexual intercourse so that you can enjoy sex to the fullest.Lack of knowledge among people about sexual intercourse often creates differences in partner.Gone are the times when people used to feel embarrassed visiting sexologist.Today you can schedule an appointment with Sexologist in Delhi in case you have issues in sex life.

 Sexologist in Delhi

Most of the times,sexologist doctors discover that core reason for the problem is miss communication or no communication at all regarding problems in sexual life.To start with, it is much better to share your concern regarding sexual problems with your partner so that you can overcome these and live a happy and contended life.More or less, chances are very high that you two will be able to find out the right solution for the same even without getting in touch with the sex therapist or sexologist.There is very possibility that there is no medical reason at all.

Honestly, there is nothing which can be described as abnormal or normal sex.The only way in which pregnancy can occur is vaginal sex,and it is because of this reason that it is often considered normal.Simply because pregnancy does not happen because of oral or anal sex does not mean it is abnormal sexual intercourse.These are just different forms of sex.There are many women and men out there who think that oral sex is abnormal while others take oral and anal sex completely safe as well as pleasurable.It is all about how you take it.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed.To enjoy it to the fullest, you need to understand your partner and his feelings.The more you will spend time with your partner the better sexual pleasure you will get.However,if you think that there are problems in your sexual life then without any delay,fix an appointment with the Sexologist in Delhi who will help you identify the problem.Identifying problems is important for you in case you and partner are having sexual issues in life.Sexologists can provide right treatment and suggestions for those who are facing problems in sex life.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Sexologist in Delhi – Destination to ensure sexual wellness

The issues which creep up in sex life can adversely affect your relationship with your better half.We are living in the times when poor lifestyle has affected one and sundry.Many people who have been working for long hours find it difficult to spare out time to take care of health.Health is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life,and ignoring it can cost dearly.Sexual health is as important as other aspects of your overall well-being.If your sex life is going through difficult phase then improving it is very important.Even if you have smallest of sexual issues then consulting Sexologist in Delhi can help you overcome your problems.

Mushrooming of sex health clinics in the national capital is testimony to the fact that people,today,are conscious about their well-being,and make sure that they stay fit and healthy.There are plenty of reasons why people develop sexual health problems.However, the only important thing is that you need to make sure that you share everything that the healthcare professionals ask for.Instead of keeping things to yourself,sharing it with the sexologist will help you get the right treatment at the onset of the disease.

Life is not easy.And,unless you know the right path,you cannot stay overall fit and healthy.People have realized the significance of staying healthy.And,with more and more people paying attention to sexual well-being,demand for sexologists has also increased.For those who are dealing with any kind of sexual problem,consulting sex health clinic is one of the best ways to get rid of the problem. As a matter of fact,it has been observed that timely treatment improves the chances of overcoming the problem before things worsen. Remember fixing an appointment with the right Sexologist in Delhi can make your sex life much better.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Sexologist in Faridabad recommends the best treatment for sexual problems

Sexual problems are extremely common these days. A large number of men and women face problems in their sex life at some point or the other.What is more worrying is the fact that majority of the people do not even put in efforts to identify the underlying cause of the problem.They keep such problems to themselves which only make things worse.Life becomes extremely challenging for married couples facing havoc in sex life.Despite the fact that treatment for most of the sexual problems is available,they continue living with it. Residents of Faridabad have an added advantage as they can fix an appointment with the sexologist.Visit the Sexologist in Faridabad if you are facing issues in your sex life.

 Sexologist in Faridabad

One of the most common and prevalent sexual problems is sexual dysfunction.In most of the cases, the condition might only be at the initial stage in which erections subsides within a few minutes.If you have been experiencing this problem for some time now then without any delay,all that you need to do is consult the sexologist who can recommend the best treatment. Lack of knowledge among couples along with hesitation makes things all the more difficult for couples.And,in such a scenario,finding the reliable and experienced sexologist can become challenging.

When it comes to hunting for a sexologist,the first thing you need to determine is the kind of specialization he has.Make sure that the sexologist you are choosing has specialization in sexual medicine.One of the best ways to find out the sexologist is by browsing online.You can easily find out details online.Also you can go through reviews and feedback posted by previous patients.If you are able to locate the best Sexologist in Faridabad then not only he cures your problem but will also suggest taking necessary precautions and lifestyle changes.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Health benefits of living sexual active life

How important is sexual well-being?Well although it is an extremely important part of an individual’s life but not many pay heed to it. People who are not satisfied with their sexual lives often report that they find it difficult to take out time for sexual expression.No matter what the cause is,work,children or fatigue,it is very much possible to spare out time to get indulged in sexual activity,whether it is alone or with partner.The idea to get in touch with sex health clinic in Delhi is to let you understand the importance overall sexual wellness.

 Sexologist in Delhi

In addition to reproduction,sex is all about pleasure as well as intimacy.There are many healthy and positive benefits of sexual expression such as intellectual,social,psychological, physical and emotional.Given below are a few health benefits of sex. Physical Appearance.

Youthful appearance is an advantage which comes along with healthy sex life. Besides,sexual activity helps in burning fat as well as calories.Further it has found that people who have healthy sex life exercise quite frequently and also have better eating habits in comparison to those who have less sexual active life.Similarly,physical fitness can make your sexual health better.


Oxytocin,the intimacy hormone, is released at the time of achieving orgasm.Studies reveal that oxytocin promotes sound and better sleep.And,better sleep is strongly linked to longer lifespan and immunity.

Disease management as well as prevention

Chances of developing heart issues diminish among those who are sexually active.This is because of the higher levels of oxytocin present in body.Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter which is produced during orgasm as well as arousal.Research as well as studies conducted show that orgasms as well as sexual activity might bolster the immune system in both men as well as women.

You can get to know more about health benefits of sex by contacting sex health clinic in Delhi.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sexologist in Delhi- Consult for overcoming sexual issues in women

Sex problems are common to both genders.No matter whether you are a man or woman,you can experience trouble in your paradise because of sexual issues.This stands all the more true in the present ay life where couples find it difficult to take out time for each other.Lack of communication and intimacy often paves way for issues which seem to be never ending.Sex is important as it helps in maintaining and strengthening emotional bond.If you are residing in the national capital and think that your sex life is going through the rough phase then consulting Sexologist in Delhi will help you improve the condition.

 Sexologist in Delhi

The basic problem is the lack of understanding between women and men when it comes to the female sexual anatomy as well as functioning of female masturbation, mensuration and sexual intercourse.It is important for both genders to have right knowledge about these topics so that you and partner can enjoy healthy as well as positive sex life.According to several studies conducted,it has been found that healthy sexual functioning is extremely important aspect of a woman’s quality of life as well as sense of well-being. However,is sad but true that most of the women, their partners and physicians avoid discussing sex.

There can be four causes because of which a woman faces issues in her sex life – biological or physical problems,psychological or mental problems,relationship issues,Vaginismus andcultural as well as social notions about immortality as well as sex.Instead of living with these issues,is not it better to discuss with sexologist or partner.There is very possibility that healthy communication between you and partner will enhance your sex life.However,if you fail to experience any change and betterment then you can fix an appointment with an experienced Sexologist in Delhi who will help you with right treatment and changes in lifestyle.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sexologist in Delhi helps you add twist to your sex life

 Have you ever thought the reason for your deteriorating married life?Has it been a long time and you have not enjoyed sex life like before?Do you think that frequency of having sex has gone down?Are you worried as the consequences are scarring your relationship with your better half?If yes is what you might be answering then instead of worrying and making things worse,you need to consult the sexologist in Delhi so that timely and right treatment can be initiated.There are times when work pressure and stress takes a toll on different aspects of your life, and sex is no different.

 Sexologist in Delhi - Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd

Medical experts strongly believe that having healthy relationship with partner is important to live a happy life.A lot depends on how you are sexually involved with each other.Men who find it difficult to hold erection should discuss the concern with partner and doctor.Sex experts,after comprehensive medical check-up, suggest treatment which can help in improving the condition.

Sexologists ensure that you get the treatment as per your current requirement.After all,in ability to satisfy partner can lead to severe consequences which can affect your relationship.If things fail to improve, then fixing an appointment with the sexologist is the best thing you can do.

In the vast medical field,sexology has emerged as one of the most important branches.With an increasing number of people facing issues in sex life,demand for sexologists has also increased.However,when it comes to selecting the Sexologist in Delhi then you need to make sure that he is experienced as well as skilled in the field.You can get the right treatment only if the doctor has command over the subject.Also,ensure details you share with the sexologist are kept safe and not disclosed to anyone.Just add twist to your married life,just consult sexologist if you are facing any kind of sexual problem.

Monday, 4 January 2016

When staying sexually Fit Matters - Top 10 Sexologist in Delhi

There are several ways to sexually to the partner. Some of the most common sexual activities include masturbation and foreplay, anal penetration, oral sex or vaginal sex. It is very important to express yourself to your partner else things in life might become difficult for both. A healthy relationship, to a great extent, depends upon how your sex life goes. In the present times, there are many who find it difficult to stay fit. However, problems start appearing when your sex life gets affected. Of top 10 sexologists in Delhi, one name you can bank upon is Gautam Clinic where you can get treated for several of your sex problems.

 Top 10 Sexologist in Delhi

Given the fact that many people have complain of sexual issues in their life, it is very important for all and sundry to communicate their thoughts and feelings to their better half. It has been observed that in most of the cases, things improve when partners communicate with each other. a lot depends on the effective communication that occurs between the couple.Instead of letting your sex life get affected, is not it better to consult sexologist who can help you with the treatment for better and healthy sex life.

For those who are facing issues in their sex life, it is very important to start exploring the reason for the same. Often it happens that making certain changes in daily routine can boost your sex life. Women take relatively more time to reach orgasm. For any men, having the ability to satisfy partner holds importance. And, if you are not able to do so then without having to panic much, you can improve condition by simply getting in touch with the sexologist. Choosing from top 10 sexologist in Delhi the one who helps you overcome the problem is the way to get rid of sexual problems. Let your sexual life be as excited as other aspect of your overall well-being.