Thursday, 18 February 2016

Health benefits of living sexual active life

How important is sexual well-being?Well although it is an extremely important part of an individual’s life but not many pay heed to it. People who are not satisfied with their sexual lives often report that they find it difficult to take out time for sexual expression.No matter what the cause is,work,children or fatigue,it is very much possible to spare out time to get indulged in sexual activity,whether it is alone or with partner.The idea to get in touch with sex health clinic in Delhi is to let you understand the importance overall sexual wellness.

 Sexologist in Delhi

In addition to reproduction,sex is all about pleasure as well as intimacy.There are many healthy and positive benefits of sexual expression such as intellectual,social,psychological, physical and emotional.Given below are a few health benefits of sex. Physical Appearance.

Youthful appearance is an advantage which comes along with healthy sex life. Besides,sexual activity helps in burning fat as well as calories.Further it has found that people who have healthy sex life exercise quite frequently and also have better eating habits in comparison to those who have less sexual active life.Similarly,physical fitness can make your sexual health better.


Oxytocin,the intimacy hormone, is released at the time of achieving orgasm.Studies reveal that oxytocin promotes sound and better sleep.And,better sleep is strongly linked to longer lifespan and immunity.

Disease management as well as prevention

Chances of developing heart issues diminish among those who are sexually active.This is because of the higher levels of oxytocin present in body.Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter which is produced during orgasm as well as arousal.Research as well as studies conducted show that orgasms as well as sexual activity might bolster the immune system in both men as well as women.

You can get to know more about health benefits of sex by contacting sex health clinic in Delhi.

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